TDM2000 Polska

TDM2000 Polska is a Polish branch of the TDM2000 network. TDM 2000, placed in Cagliari,  promotes personal and professional development of young people aiming to make them active citizens in the societies they live in.

TDM2000 Polska promotes human rights, particularly the rights of ethnic and national minorities, women’s rights, as well as rights of other minorities. Moreover, we foster cooperation with neighbouring countries, in particular Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus. The organisation also deals with promotion and deepening of regional cooperation, with particular emphasis on the promotion of the Lower Silesia region’s cultural and historical heritage.

Our aim is to foster dialogue, common understanding and respect for diversity between the states and individuals of the world, mutual understanding between Europeans and building of a common European identity.

TDM2000 Polska promotes creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and conducts activities to promote youth employment. Fostering ideas of democracy and civil society are our main goals.

These objectives are realized by means of international trainings, youth workshops, conferences and research programmes.

If you want to know more about TDM2000 Polska, its activities,
project opportunities and got to know others’ impressions of our trainings
– find us

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