Country profiles, simulation and more…

On a second day of the training, in national groups, participants were discussing about the situation in their countries regarding rate of unemployment in general as well as youth unemployment, measures given by government/institutions to increase youth employment, best practices/examples of youth employment in each country and how easy/hard is to start business there. Afterwords discussion took place in mixed group when participants had an opportunity to find similarities and differences, make conclusions and present results in front of the group and trainers.

Next session was about EU mechanisms on labour mobility, some useful information were presented before working in the groups on the SPEECH from László Andor,  European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion “Labour mobility in the EU: challenges and perspectives for a genuine European labour market“, which participants tried to analyse with trainers’ support, conclude and point out the key aspects.

What is more, participants also took part in debate about the right of free movement and work of Croatians in European Union. The workshop was based on the simulation of following institutions :

  • Croatian Unemployed Youth Movement which believes that citizens of Croatia should have full unlimited rights to get employed in any EU member state because in this moment it is not possible to find job in Croatia and for majority of unemployed young people only option is to work in some other European county;

  • Croatian National Academy of Science which does not support that citizens of Croatia should be allowed to work in another members states, except in specific cases;

  • European Association of small and medium enterprises which supports free mobility of high educated citizens of Croatia since has need for cheaper work force, but does not support that everyone should be able to move freely since some of citizens may misuse social security systems of the countries that is mainly financed by taxes that its citizens pay;

  •  Free migrants NGO which fully supports freedom of labour mobility and cares about discrimination of migrants all over Europe. The NGO is asking for protection of their rights by European Commission and members states. It believes that member states should offer full support to migrants since they benefit from them on many levels.

DSC_6037 DSC_6041 DSC_6043
The second day ended up with NGO Fair. In the evening each national group had a chance to present its sending organisation’s aims, objectives, target groups, past activities, achievements and future plans.



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