More about ‘Toolbox’

Participants in cooperation with Trainers and in order to promote and educate about youth and labour mobility created Toolbox of workshops, methods, activities, projects that may reach and be used by other youth workers and youth leaders.

How the Toolbox can be used was also discussed. It let participants realised how their experience and knowledge gained and developed on the project may be implemented in their future work and how it can be disseminated successfully by sharing the toolbox with co-workers, partners, other organisations, networks.

Three new activities were created, implemented and evaluated during sessions.

Each of ‘tools’ created by participants includes:
– target groups;
– objectives;
– methodology;
– time;
– tasks;
– notes;
– evaluation;
– materials;
– examples;

1. Mobility For High Educated
2. Youth Integration
3. Suburbia

DSC_6212DSC_6229 DSC_6237


We had a lot of non-formal educational activities, workshops, simulations, discussions and debates concerning labour mobility with a special focus on the youth mobility. During the session we did simulation of labour mobility.

We had presentation of countries realities, treasure hunt, creating ‘toolbox’ for future youth work on labour mobility, role play debate, creating campaigns and plans for raising awareness about labour mobility and ideas about sustainable businesses.

To develop our ideas and reach goals we took benefits from sites as:

Council of Europe Human Rights Education Youth Resources Website

Compass Manual

Other Manuals: Compassito,Gender Matters,Companion, here.

Council Of Europe Website

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

The European Job Mobility Portal

Geographical and labour market mobility Report



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