Future Projects Ideas within Erasmus+

During the project Participants got some knowledge about an idea, aims, objectives, targets and rules of Erasmus Plus Programme.Participants were planning future projects in order to disseminate experience and tools collected on the Training Course, as well as to support Erasmus Plus Programme, to promote its huge and amazing opportunities for young people, youth, youth workers, entrepreneurs, local businesses’ runners, society and to bring hope to all the people who are willing to develop, to learn, to experience, to change something.

1. Sports, Healthy Lifestyle and Environmental Awareness
One of the groups thought of a Training Course in order to promote healthy lifestyle, to educate about protecting environment and to educate how to connect with a nature better.



2. Let’s Play This Out.
On the other hand, another group wanted to organise Youth Exchange about Inclusion of Minorities. 
Project have many good objectives, for example: to find out all types of stereotypes, generalisations, prejudices to achieve social inclusion by using game dynamics, to show and make participants realized and understand that we all live in one environment and its essential to respect others, to help each other and treat people good as we are all equal and important for sustainable and European society.


After presentations each group got feedback about their project from the rest of participants and trainers.
We shared opinions about what was good and what could be improved in order to organise successful upcoming projects.



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