The organisers will reimburse of your travel costs from your home city to Wroclaw, Poland.

Reimbursement  of  travel  costs  will  only  be  done  upon  full  attendance  in  the training programme and presentation of the original tickets with boarding passes and receipt/invoices. Reimbursement  will  be  done  in  EURO,  regardless  of  the  currency  indicated  on  your  ticket  and receipt/invoice.

! Note: Please DO NOT BUY any tickets before approval of the organizers !!!

! !Note: Please note if you bought your ticket in your local currency which might be different than EUR, we will calculate  your  travel  costs  according  to  the  exchange  rates  from  official  European  Commission  web-site

!!! Note: If you plan to travel outside the official project dates you need TDM2000 Polska’s approval first. Please contact  us  at Tickets for travel outside the official travel dates purchased without TDM2000 Polska’s approval may not be reimbursed.


Wrocław is located in the south-western part of Poland and has many possible flight connections with other European cities (Wrocław Other suitable airports are Krakow (Kraków, or Warsaw (Warszawa,

It is possible to get to Wroclaw by train (timetable here: or by coach (for example

As the venue has is conveniently located in the city centre, it will be our meeting point.

Organisers cannot provide you with accomodation before or after the project, but we will be glad to provide you with any information or suggestion that may make your stay safe, comfortable and pleasant.

In case ony questions concerning travel options we will be happy to assist you. Please contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Please remember  that there are travel cost limits within Erasmus+ Programme. As a rule the cheapest travel option should be chosen. Those limits are based on distance from your place of living to the place, where project activities will take place (Wroclaw, Poland). Below you can find a offiicial Erasmus+ travel distance calculator:


What You Need to Bring with You for Reimursemenets of Travel Costs:

1)  Return tickets (e.g. from London to Wroclaw and back)

2)  Photocopies of all of your tickets and boarding passes, especially if you fly with low-cost airlines, including  the  invoice  (if  you  have  one).  If  you’ve  booked  online,  we  need  the  FULL  confirmation email of your booking, printed with the date and time the email was sent to you, containing e-mail subject and all e-mail adrresses!!!

Please note that we will not be reimbursing any tickets in advance. We will also not be doing any bank transfers after the project finishes. All  reimbursements will be done in Euros, during the project.


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